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PeerWell for Workers’ Compensation

Improve return-to-work times, lower costs, and manage risks. Deliver connected care using real-time data points and clinical insights.

With PeerWell for worker’s comp, you will:

Close cases faster

Close cases faster with improved recovery times, control costs and avoid unnecessary surgery.

Less pain, less drugs

Provide drug-free pain management alternatives through cognitive behavioral therapy techniques.

Stop problems faster

Track your injured workers’ recoveries and enable distributed care teams to alter care pathways.

Employers spend more on musculoskeletal disorders than any other condition with annual direct costs of $20 Billion USD. Indirect costs are an estimated $100 Billion per year.1

1. Source:

real-time health data

Deliver a faster, more complete musculoskeletal recovery

Connect distributed care teams, like nurse case managers, care coordinators and treating physicians with real-time, daily data points. Improve health outcomes by monitoring clinical insights and delivering whole person, biopsychosocial care.

What Other Workers’ Comp Professionals Are Saying


“We believe that an injured worker’s engagement in their recovery and return-to-work is essential to optimal outcomes. PeerWell is another instrument in our clinical toolbox that will improve engagement.”—Tammy Bradly, VP of Clinical Product Development at Coventry


The PeerWell platform offers our case managers a powerful tool to drive improved surgical outcomes and recovery for our injured workers.”—Karen Thomas, Director of Case Management at CorVel

How PeerWell supports your Injured Workers

conservative care

Conservative Care

Avoid unnecessary surgery with daily support and whole person care based on the Five Pillars of Health.


Surgery Optimization

Optimize the injured worker’s health, lower risk, and offer complete mental, physical and logistical support for surgery and recovery.

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